Commercial Kitchen & Laundry Design

Laundry Design

Planning a commercial or retail laundry involves more than just the internal design of the establishment, especially if it offers self-service facilities.

Typically, retail or commercial laundries are accessed from the street or from the inside of a shopping mall. In addition to the entrance wall, it is best to ensure that the laundry incorporates at least one other external wall that can be used to access fresh air for dryers and to terminate exhausts to the outside.

KDAC Kitchen Designs is available to help you get all of your requirements and document them. Together, we’ll go over room dimensions, window and door locations, accessory options, incoming utility line locations and commercial laundry equipment mix.

Whether your project is new construction, a renovation, an expansion, or a retooling, KDAC’s laundry consultants will work with you from concept design through equipment start-up to ensure that not only is the construction complete, but that the plant is operational. Over the years, KDAC has developed a construction process that meets the project budget and provides value engineering resulting in on-time success.